I have included this section to provide more info on the bulleted points on my home page.  With seven years of tutoring under my belt, I have learned that I love to teach.  Being two-time cheerleading captain has allowed me to become a leader, and I learned long ago that the best teachers are the best leaders.  Even so, I believe my strongest qualification for being a successful tutor is my GPA: I have never earned any grade but an A in any class I have taken.  Of course, there are classes I have enjoyed more and excelled in slightly more than others.  These are the subjects I specialize in tutoring in: Algebra (I and II), Geometry, Pre-calculus, all other math, English/Composition, and Biology.  I have taken the highest level of course offered at my school (gifted) in each of these classes.  If your son or daughter needs help in a class other than one listed above, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask if I can tutor in that subject; class names vary by school and school system.  In addition to school and cheerleading, I am the executive treasurer for Student Government Association at my school and the captain of our Science Olympiad team.  As one of two editors-in-chief of the award-winning Lakeside Legend newspaper, I put my English skills to use daily while working with students of all races.  I also hold three jobs: walking dogs, making and selling jewelry with my mom in our business Beads by ME, and teaching manners and dancing to middle school children with the North Atlanta Cotillion.  The final job has prepared me to tutor in etiquette and ballroom dance. 

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